Castle Clash Secret Codes

Castle Clash Secret Codes

Are you looking for a secret code in Castle Clash or maybe you heard a lot about it and don’t know what it exactly is? I have here everything you will need to know plus how you can get the latest Castle Clash Secret Codes all the time.

How To Enter Secret Code in Castle Clash

Entering Secret Codes in Castle Clash will make you get extra rewards by just entering a code. To find the right place you will need to choose your event tab and then search for the option “More Events”.

castle clash events


When selecting the “More Events”, you will see another screen loading with additional events that are held outside the game, including the place where you will be able to enter the secret code for the extra reward.

Now scroll to the very bottom of the page to see the “Do You Know the Secret Code” entry:

castle clash secret code entry


Almost done!

When you now choose to hit the “Go” button, an extra entry field will open where you can enter the secret code:

enter code in castle clash


You don’t need to try the code you see in the picture, it has been already expired but I will show you working and up to date codes in the next section of this tutorial 🙂

When you enter a valid secret code for Castle Clash, you will see a notification that tells you that you will see your reward very soon in your mailbox:

secret code rewards


Now make sure to read the next section where I who you how can always get all up to date secret codes for Castle Clash!

Best Castle Clash Secret Codes

Secret Codes for Castle Clash are meant to work primarily for social campaigns and it’s not that complicated to get the secret codes with very little effort.

The easiest way is following the social channels of Castle Clash, especially Twitter and you’ll see frequently posts like this one here:

Alternatively you can also check them out on Reddit, where many people also post secret codes that however tend to expire quite fast because many people will use them very fast.


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