Castle Clash Best Heroes Tier List

Tons of heroes in Castle Clash will give you the hard choice which ones are the best to use and more important, which ones you should really work on upgrading that is time-consuming and expensive.

I decidedd to put here the most-useful ones, so every hero you find on this page is worth using and working on without any doubt 🙂

Attention! ALL the heroes here on this page are heroes that are worth leveling up and using.

Must-Have Heroes in Castle Clash

Here you will find the heroes you really want to have in Castle Clash.

#1 – Zephyrica

For me the most complete hero in Castle Clash and for that reason the best one here in this list.

Zephyrica deals great damage, can be a great base defender, deals the damage to multiple targets with a nice auto-procc. You can build him with crit, extra damage or raise his health or defense and build him to be anything you want and he will be superior in this role.

#2 – Dove Keeper

I really like the versatility you can have with Dove Keeper (and you can read more about that in my in-depth Dove Keeper Build article) and can get her into a full attack build or a defensive build that will let her stay alive for a long time (and also something in between).

So, she deals outstanding damage and with her damage cap she is actually also durable so she will help you a lot in all game modes in Castle Clash as a true hero killer.

#3 – Wallawalla

Wallawalla is the hero that can save you in a real trouble mess situation due to the fact that he is an outstanding healer and a really great buffer for your team and a great debuffer for the enemy team. He doesn’t need to stand out on his own, but he can make your team shine and that makes him sure here in the Top 3 of this tier list. Don’t forget to give him anything with damage reduction to keep him alive and kickin’ – always remember, he’s not the hero killer but the one that will keep your hero killer alive!

#4 – Lazulix

Lazulix is basically a one man (or better… bird) army of heroes that can shut down an entire army by freezing them up while taking down like a third or even more of an entire base on its own. Also, this hero can’t be silenced and is superior in attack and defense. So, survives really well, deals great damage and doesn’t have any weak exploit points with the immunity to getting banned is what Lazulix put here on this top hero tier list for Castle Clash heroes.

Oh, and I forgot. If this hero dies it can revive again… don’t think I need any more reasons to have it here, right? 🙂

#5 – Boreal Fox

Insane damage paired with all heroes frozen for quite some time? Welcome to this hero in Castle Clash that deserves the place here in the tier list for sure. He can really be devastating to enemies but has also some downsides.

It’s possible to guide away from the freezing with small troops that makes it possible to exploit Boreal Fox and also coming too close to enemies can lead to a sudden death.

#6 – Valiant Saintess

Valiant Saintress can break damage caps, has an interesting healing mechanic and has good damage reduction that make her quite viable in many situations.

Unlike other heroes lower in this tier list she will not get smashed within seconds what makes her really stand out so put some damage reduction on her and you have a hell of a hero that can slice through enemy heroes in one shot.

#7 – Gunslinger

If you look for a hero with DPS and dealing a lot of damage, Gunslinger should be your choice. There’s no other hero in Castle Clash that can keep up with the amount of hits she lands and the damage she deals with it. In my opinion, you can use her in basically any situation.

She can go down really fast so you should be aware of that and also put a lot of damage reduction on her to not see her die before she does what you brought her for.

#8 – Creation-01

For me, a great hero to take down the top tier heroes with the damage over time that is really useful to lower the damage cap and their health pool will go down. I really like him as base defender and as attacking hero as well.

The only problem I have with him is that he can be taken out really fast and that makes it sometimes hard to count on his very nice DPS over time and you need a good healer and also someone tanking in front of him to really use his full potential.

#9 – Ripper

He’s a great base defender and can shut down the enemy entirely. Now pair that with massive attack damage and you have a real strong hero. You can also use him for attacking really well when he comes down and silence the enemy while your team starts nuking.

The only downside here is that he can be squishy in many situations and it is hard to keep him alive, no matter how much dodge or damage reduction you put on him. Still, in the Top 10 of my tier list for Castle Clash heroes.

#10-12 – Treantaur, Cirrina & Rambard

I have them here in one spot because they do relatively the same role to your team and this is a really important role – reviving. They are all pretty much equal in strength and I don’t think that there’s a big difference which one you use for reviving. Treantaur does a little more reviving, Cirrina deals decent damage and Rambard is more on the defensive side. Still, all of them are really nice.

#13 – Pumpkin Duke

Pumpkin Duke makes it possible to actually master several situations in Castle Clash as the magic engine behind the team with the strong buffs.

I wasn’t sure where to put him here on the list because the stronger your heroes, the stronger his buffing and vice versa. Still I didn’t want to have him here at all so I have him still in the list of top heroes here in my tier list for Castle Clash.


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  1. Lots of the newer talents aren’t mentioned here. An update seems to be in order! I hope you can get it updated soon, because I really like the way you break it down and simplify things…

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