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Castle Clash Best Heroes & Talents (For Every Game Mode)

Tons of heroes in Castle Clash will give you the hard choice which ones are the best to use and more important, which ones you should really work on upgrading that is time-consuming and expensive.

I decidedd to put here the most-useful ones, so every hero you find on this page is worth using and working on without any doubt ūüôā

Attention! I have made here 3 sections, the must-have, extremely powerful and very powerful heroes for Castle Clash. This means ALL the heroes here on this page are heroes that are worth leveling up and using – within the categories, the heroes are NOT ranked.

Must-Have Heroes in Castle Clash

Here you will find the heroes you really want to have in Castle Clash.

Pumpkin Duke

Hard to get but for sure on top of the tier list! You can use him great in all game modes and most game modes will become a lot harder without him. His Celebrate Skill will stack on all other allies and the only way to hit the damage and attack speed caps in Castle Clash. Your strategy should always focus on keeping him alive in your setup.

Recommended Talents: Regenerate over Empower should be the talents of your choice when using Pumpkin Duke.


Extremely strong hero in Lost Battlegrounds, Here Be Monsters and defense in Guild Wars with awesome damage and hitpoints combined with an overpowered skill.

Recommended Talents: Go with Stone Skin over Flame Guard when it comes to talents.

Extremely Strong Heroes

Here are heroes that are so strong that you really want to have them.


caslte clash anubis

Anubis is an extremely strong hero in Castle Clash you can use for all game modes perfectly. If you roll him early or mid game, you can consider yourself very lucky as he will make li3 and WG so much easier – a great allround hero that you can always have in your team in Castle Clash and level up.

Recommended Talents: Bulwark is the best without any doubt followed by Stone Skin that let Anubis survive longer.

Dove Keeper

Use Dove Keeper for Lost Battleground (LBF) and Guild War (Offense & Defense) – her damage output as sniper is groundbreaking and can do millions of damage – the only way she is not in the top tier is her quite limited health that you are able to compensate with the Bulwark or War god talents, whatever you roll first.

Recommended Talents: Bulwark or War God are the best talents for Dove Keeper


A great fit for all the game modes in Castle Clash. Considered a mainstream for a very long time got some hits in popularity lately but still in great shape to have and can wreck dungeons all by himself and wreck a ton in Guild Wars.

Recommended Talents: Stone Skin or Flame Guard are the best fitting talents for Ghoulem in Castle Clash.


Fitting great for Lost Battlegrounds (LBF), Here be Monsters (HBM) and GWD (Guild War Defense). There are many out there considering her to be the most broken hero in Castle Clash, but in fact she is a great damage dealer all by herself and you will need that damage often enough (especially bosses).

Recommended Talents: Stone Skin or Slow Down are the best fitting talents for Gunslinger.


Lost Battlegrounds, Guild War (Offense & Defense) and Here Be Monsters are wokring¬†in Lavanica’s¬†favor. She’s doing great with mac dodge traits and as long as you can keep her healed up she will stay alive long enough to deal a whole lot of damage.

Recommended Talents: Bulwark or Brute Force should be your choice for Lavanica.


Primarily in Dungeons, Lost Battlegrounds and Guild Wars (Offense & Defense) are game modes where you can make good use of Michael. As a tank he deals decent damage and is really annoying in PvP

Recommended Talents: Stone Skin over Flame Guard are the best talents to use with Michael


You should use Skeletica for Lost Battlegrounds and Here Be Monsters, but also in Guild War Skeletica will be a nice addition. Hits like a truck and is pseudo-immune to crowd control that makes it quite a great hero in your team

Recommended Talents: Bulwark is for sure the best talent to use over Stone Skin.


Use him in Lost Battlegrounds, Here Be Monsters or also on defense in Guild Wars. He is a nice alternative to Ghoulem without that much healing effect but a very strong option.

Recommended Talents: Flame Guard is the best fitting talent over Stone Skin

Very Strong Heroes in Castle Clash


Use Aries best for Lost Battlefields or offense in Guild Wars where you can use him great to snipe. Especially later in the game you will discover that he is an awesome PvP hero so you will want to have him in your lineup sooner or later.

Recommended Talents: Iron Will over Revite are the best talents to use with Aries.


A great hero to use in Lost Battlefields, Lab or defense in Guild Wars. The only reason she is not higher up there in the ranking is that she dies off pretty easily, still a hero that you do want to keep untouched if you roll her.

Recommended Talents: I recommend you to use Fire Guard or Stone Skin as talents.


All Guild War, offense like defense, Lost Battlefield, Lab or Dungeon – you name it, Cirrina will work great there. Some call her Jack of all, master of none but that makes her such a nice choice where you can’t do much wrong having her.

Recommended Talents: I recommend you to use Fire Guard or Stone Skin as talents.


Cupid has only mediocre stats, but with a skill that is so extremely powerful and important for all game modes, he has a secure place on this list here!

Recommended Talents:¬†Revite is a save choice here with Cupid, if you’re endgame AD, you also want to consider Slow Down.



Lost Battlefields, Here Be Monsters and Guild War Def/Of is the game modes where Demogorgon can stand out with stuns, auto-procs and fast energy fills.

Recommended Talents: I recommend you to use Brute Force or Bulwark.



Especially strong in dungeons made me put him here on the list. The reason why many are not proiritizing him is the release of lots of OP new heroes, but he is still a solid pick and can be a beast.

Recommended Talents: In my opinion you should go with Bulwark over Skone Skin here.

Minotaur Chieftain

Used to be an insane good hero in Castle Clash in the past before more OP heroes have been released that people spent a lot of money to get – if you have him, he is still a nice option for Dungeons or offense in Guild Wars.

Recommended Talents: Iron Guard is pretty much the best talent to use along with War God.


Amazingly good with high health and heal especially in defense Guild War and LBF, and the full dodge is just making him impossible to kill if procs.

Recommended Talents: Fire Guard and Stone Skin are the best choices for Rockno.

Skull Knight

A great tank for LBF and still a really great hero to have in Castle Clash.

Recommended Talents: For Skull Night I like to choose Brute Force or Slow Down.



Useful for all game modes as a energy-over-time battery and damage boost and a real monster in Guild War defense.

Recommended Talents: Go with Revite and Flame Guard.


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