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Best Vlad Dracula Build (Talents | Insignia | Equipment | Traits | Pets)

Vlad Dracula is a really interesting hero in Castle Clash and has been one of the strongest but then got overrun by newer heroes but is now back and viable to use again.

Vlad Dracula Role

Vlad Dracula is a great choice wherever you need area damage and a hero that can watch himself stay alive, like Here Be Monsters.

His skill will deal great damage over time to all enemies close in range to him and it will also basically heal himself back to 100% health when used. The cool thing here is that he uses fear and there are almost no hero out there that’s immune to fear (other than silencing), so that’s a really unique thing that will give you a nice advantage also in PvP.

The downside of this is that he has quite a long cooldown for his skill so you have the skill rlooing for 4 seconds and then have to wait 2 more seconds until he can get it rolling another time. This sounds very fast now but you will not get the healing benefit all the time but only once in that 6 second cycle.

Best Builds For Vlad Dracula

So, let’s now talk about the build you want to use with Vlad Dracula to make her as effective as possible.


Go with Sacred Light here for two reasons. One is that it works better with the general abilities of Vlad Dracula and the other one is that it will also work if he gets silenced. This is a huge benefit!

With Flame Guard you don’t have the immunity to silencing on a talent and it will go away and your Vlad Dracula will get ripped in a matter of seconds easily.

Alternatively, you can run him with Survival. I know this talent is not that popular but it has the huge advantage that it will limit the damage he takes and also give him another healing possiblity. This is really helpful when Vlad Dracula gets stunned so you can make him stay alive through that because when he can’t roll his skill, he can’t heal himself and can die really quick.


If you run a hero with such area damage output like Vlad Dracula, you might run into one serious problem there when facing multiple heroes and that’s getting a lot of deflecting damage. The amount of damage you deal can turn against you, if you want to see it that way.

For that reason I really recommend you to work with Wicked Armor as this will reduce exactly that and you don’t have to worry running into any setup that could make Vlad Dracule kill himself by using his skill.

You can, alternatively, if you’re looking for a build that give Vlad Dracula more survivability overall with the Survival talent, run him with Sacred Light as well.

This is really helpful if you know you’ll be running against a setup with a lot of stunning where you want to keep your Vlad Dracula alive.


In my opinion you will have the best combo with a pet that will add some nice amount of dodge so he will last longer. His attack is alreary nice and with the healing he can take care of that as well.

I really like the combo with a pet like Radiant Hawk.



Holy Conviction is the one to go with here for multiple reasons and I think they are obvious. You will reduce the damage Vlad Dracula recieves which helps him stay alive and you also got the healing benefits that will complement his skill healing. The longer you make him stay alive the longer he can cast his bats and that’s what you ultimately want, right?


Vlad Dracula is designed to go face-to-face with other heroes and kill and for that reason I run him with all accuracy traits to get the most out of it:

If you do want to use him as a support hero that will debuff the enemy and heal your team (something I still don’t like that much with him as there are better heroes to do that), you should go all dodge here in the traits with Vlad Dracula.

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