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Best Hearthbreaker Build (Talents | Insignia | Equipment | Traits | Pets)

Heartbreaker is a fast hero in Castle Clash with a fast attack rate and can deal massive crits so she can take out dungeons all by herself with the right build, and that’s exactly what you will find here.

Heartbreaker Role

Heartbreaker is a hero killer, no doubt about that. You can utilize her in that role really well not only in PvE but also in PvP combat. You can think about Heartbreaker like a surgeon picking on exactly a hero you want to take out and let her do the dirty work fast and efficiently.

The only downside of Heartbreaker in Castle Clash right now is that she can’t play her high crits well against heroes that have a damage cap, but you can’t have everything at once, right? 😉

Best Builds For Heartbreaker

So, let’s now talk about the build you want to use with Heartbreaker to make her as effective as possible.


When it comes to talents you have actually two options with her.

Vigorous Fury is the talent you normally will use on her if you don’t use her in PvP game modes as it will raise her crit a lot and crit is all the Heartbreaker is really effective about. You want those frequent crits with her high fire rate to get even more benefit from that.

Alternatively, for PvP I would rather run her with Revitalize to get that kickstart of energy right at the start of the battle to charge up faster and then roll her skill faster. PvP is all about getting that rolling as fast as possible so you will probably be better with that (also, many do use heroes with damage caps so you can’t benefit from crits that much here with Heartbreaker).


Here you should also alternate depending what game mode you want to use Heartbreaker in…

PvE/Dungeons is Brute Force the best option you have and give an insane boost with ATK raised and also bonus on crits.

With her fast fire rate you will find that crushing enemies really fast and I like how effective this one here is on her.

In PvP you will make magic happen with Slow Down because the chances to slow down the enemy is o a percentage every attack and with Heartbreakers real fast attack rate, you will rock this procc a lot and keep enemies slowed down frequently and you can even keep that slow down active all the time because it will very likely be triggered again during the duration.


As I said in the beginning, Heartbreaker is an awesome hero killer in Castle Clash and if you want to use her that way (what you really should), then you also want a pet that complements that, for me a pet like Brace Croc. Brave Doc deals nice damage to the hero with the lowest amount of HP and that is a super sweet addition to the hero killer task Heartbreaker performs for me.


Hyper Strength is my first choice here simply for the fact that I want Heartbreaker to kill quickly by hitting hard and critting fatal and this is the one that will do this job best, in my opinion. I know that she won#t benefit much from the energy regain rate here with the cooldown of her skill but still, this is the equipment you want to run.


I run her with all accuracy for the fact that I find it extremely valuable that she will get her hits in to do the fast hero killing that I want her to do:


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