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Best Dove Keeper Build (Talents | Insignia | Equipment | Traits | Pets)

Dove Keeper is, without any doubt, one of the best heroes in Castle Clash for, well, since always. I think you really want to prioritize this hero over most other heroes as she is really helpful in every game mode in Castle Clash because she can so many things and is really versatile.

Dove Keeper Role

Summoning her Love Doves that are actually mini heroes that will take damage and focus from her, that makes her really durable while she deals really nice damage overall as well. Also, she has a damage cap and can only take a certain amount of damage so it’s not easy to kill her – and with a hero that’s hard to kill, you rather want to have it in your team than the other, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can use her as sniper, for crowd control and a huge damage bonus when her Love Doves are under attack.

There are two general ways that you can use Dove Keeper in Castle Clash and that’s either all-in attack or all-out defense. In my builds for Dove Keeper below, you will find both things covered but I personally prefer having her more into offense mode as I find her more effective in that role.

Best Builds For Dove Keeper

So, let’s now talk about the build you want to use with Dove Keeper to make her as effective as possible.


Brute Forceย is the best choice here, in my opinion. The reason is that you should, as you will see below, add crit with her outfit so this will not only increase her basic damage, it will also do benefit that crit that is raised as well.

The only reason to use Sunder here is when you do game modes like Archdemon or other boss modes where you will have a damage cap so the extra hits will work here better.


Here’s where you can fine-tune how much on the offense/defense spectrum you want to go with Dove Keeper.

Attack – I’d normally run her with the Sharpen insignia because it will raise the crit (see above, along with Brute Force a win-win) and also raises her accuracy. If you don’t strike the crit is wasted so I’m a huge fan off adding accuracy.

Boss – If you do need the additional hits like mentioned above when you use Sunder, you want to use the Brawler’s Favor insignia and you will get more hits.

Balanced – If you want to go less in the attack direction and balance a little bit in the defense, use the Bulwark insignia, it will give you additional hitpoints but also additional attack and is a nice hybrid solution here.

Defensive –ย Not my favorite choice because I believe that Dove Keeper should be offensive but running her with a Survival insignia will give her healing and neglecting damage so she will become really durable if that’s what you’re looking for with her.

Due to her damage cap you don’t want to use anything here that will reduce the damage she’s taken because it will be only a smaller benefit due to the damage cap she already has and that’s wasted potential.


I really like to run Dove Keeper with Fennec as a pet as I normally drop her first on the battlefield because her damage cap will prevent her from getting killed fast and Fennec will do some healing and the shield will prevent debuffs. This makes it a really solid and secure way for me.


Energy Sap is, in my opinion, the best choice here for several reasons. I know that many do think that Victory Lunge is better here because it has a little more bonus attack, but reflecting damage is not really helpful because the Love Doves do take a lot of damage and you won’t see Dove Keeper in that much direct damage to get the full benefit here.

Energy Sap, however, has a little less additional attack but will reduce the attacker’s attack and this is something that you will get the full benefit of.


I mixed here crit, simply because it’s a win-win to have more crit with Brute Force and Sharpen but I also found that mixing in some dodge will help keeping her alive:

castle clash dove keeper traits

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